Bringing an architect onto your building project has many benefits to the developer and the occupant. In Part 1, we looked at five ways an architect-designed home benefits the residents; you can read it by clicking here. In Part 2, we’ll be looking at the benefits of engaging architects on development projects.

Architects are familiar with council guidelinesarchitect

By far, one of the most significant benefits an architect brings to a development project is their understanding of local council building guidelines. An architect may already be familiar with the area where you want to build, but if they’re not, they’ll get to know the council regulations and building codes before planning. They’ll help you put plans to Council, abiding by the regulations to reduce costly delays.

A well-planned project sticks to a budget

An architect plans a project that fits your budget and helps you to get realistic about what a project will cost.  You will need to allow flexibility in your budget to a small percentage.

An architect applies their experience to create solutions that meet your budget without compromising on quality or design. Homes designed by an Architect have greater appeal to buyers because they are purpose-built to maximise the natural benefits of a location, which helps them to sell at a higher price.

If you’ve engaged an architect to build your own home, then sticking to a budget is paramount. Staying on track within your budget reduces stress.

Property developers engage Architects to maximise the potential of land and the ability to achieve the developers forecast sale price in a reduced amount of time.

They’ll plan for now and the future

Architect’s don’t just consider the construction phases when planning; they are concerned with how the building performs. For example, minimising the cost of operating the building through sustainable design. A design that requires less power usage is one way an architect improves a buildings desirability to buyers to achieve developers asking price.

Architectural plans help minimise risk

Every building project carries a certain amount of risk. However, the architect’s planning and strategy work will help to minimise this by following a proven process.

They’ll liaise with your team

An architect won’t replace your project manager, but they do help to keep your team on track. They’ll have regular walkthroughs during construction, and even when they’re not present, their plans and drawings serve as a guide to completing the project.

Working together on designer homes

When beginning the Gilbey Lane project, it was clear to Norm Carey the benefit of engaging an architect to maximise the use of land. The development project involved creation of a private laneway, subdividing land into three green title lots and construction of three 4x2x2 double storey residences.

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