It is the expense of professional services, like an architect, that keeps people from engaging them. But, as with most pricey endeavours, the upfront costs are outweighed by the lasting value added to your new home.

In this 2-part series, we look at the benefits of engaging an architect and the long-term gain in doing so.

In Part 1, we’ll look at five benefits to residents with architecturally built homes. Part 2 explores the benefits of engaging an architect to design your new home.

Professional training

Architects spend years studying elements of building design and how to make buildings fit within their environment. Their training enables them to maximise the land use and design a house to capture natural sunlight. Architects are skilled to manage a project from concept design to move in completion.

No matter what service you’re seeking from your home to your finances, engaging a professional for the task is always a benefit.

Creative solutions

Working with an odd shape or small parcel of land, capturing natural light, and flow are some of the benefits an architect brings. Architects focus on the best assets of the property and reduce the impact of undesirable features.

Great design is timeless

House design trends come and go, but the right design for a specific parcel of land is timeless. An architect-designed home has the potential to increase in value because it has been custom-designed to capture the best attributes of the location.

Energy considerations 

Many of us are looking for sustainable design and reduced cost of living. Architects can maximise natural light by the positioning of windows. Their design captures the full benefits of natural sunlight to achieve optimal internal living conditions that work with your climate.

Nature considerations

The exterior design of your building has as much importance as the interior design. Architects take into account all aspects of your home; from the best place to capture natural light and shade, to the materials that will stand the test of time. While other building professionals can advise you on this, an architect can do it all. They resolve any problems before construction begins.

Always wanted a new home designed by an architect

Own a brand-new architect-designed house now. Gilbey Lane has three stunning, move-in ready homes in East Victoria Park. The architect’s design captures natural sunlight with open plan living arrangement.

Norm Carey developed these homes to provide families with access to a location that’s close to Perth CBD. The double-storey houses all have four bedrooms and two bathrooms and built on green-title land—accessed by via a custom-built private laneway.

Norm Carey is an experienced national property developer having delivered over 100 projects in excess of $2 billion in property projects across Australia.

A private viewing is now available by contacting our team today.