There’s a certain charm to an older home that often leads potential buyers down that road. What new homes lack in history, they more than make up for in other ways. Whether you’re looking as an investor or a homeowner, there are at least 5 reasons you should choose a new home over an old.

Energy efficiency

Since July 2003, there have been rules in WA governing the energy efficiency requirements of all new homes and extensions. House energy ratings (HER) rank a house from 0-10 in energy efficiency. New homes require a minimum rating of 6 stars and achieve this through various design means such as: insulation, window glazing, air movement and heating/cooling systems. A new home will not only help the environment, it will also save you money on utilities with its high energy rating.

Luxury designs & technology

There’s a reason so many people renovate old homes; they’re no longer equipped for modern living. With smart homes and open-plan living the new norm – a new build will be fully equipped for 21st century living, without you needing to change a thing.

Low maintenance

Your home budget needs to cover both the initial costs of buying and the ongoing cost of maintenance and updates. In a new home, there’ll be no need for maintenance in the short-term. This means your full home budget can go towards the initial buy-in and give you a greater upfront budget for a larger or more modern home.


A new home that may seem expensive upfront, but it is a better long-term investment. Considering the lower maintenance costs.

Heritage homes can be influenced by emotional buyers at auction who push up the end sale price. A new home is easier to value and more likely to maintain that resale value without the emotional influences. Finally, many government incentives (i.e. the first home buyers grant) are pushing the new home market and making it easier to receive for a new or recent build.


A myth that continues circulating is that only old homes can secure the best locations for lifestyle living. Building a new home in a desirable location is as simple as buying from expert developers who know how to find the next hidden gem that is yet to reach its full potential.

The epitome of new home design on Gilbey Lane

Embodying all the benefits of a brand-new home, Norm Carey’s Gilbey Lane development is now open for inspection. View the architectural designs on our homepage or get in touch to arrange a private viewing.