Have you ever bought a new piece of furniture only to find it doesn’t fit your home at all? What we see in our minds and what exists in our rooms are two different things. Mood boards can help you to visualise a space before you commit to filling it – and make sure all the elements work in harmony. Here’s how to create a mood board for your home interior design project.

Step 1: Find your inspiration

Look for catalogues, online imagery and browse décor store windows. When you find a space that resembles what you want, capture a picture of it. Don’t limit yourself to indoor décor inspiration either; try out of the box ideas like natural scenery and flower bouquets for exciting colour palettes.

Step 2: Choose your foundations

The most prominent colour choices in your space are the walls and floors. Look at your inspiration images and find the most prominent colours. You don’t have to stay neutral either, just know that choosing a bold foundation colour sets a neutral tone for the rest of the room.

Step 3: Focus on texture, colour and flair

As an example, your sofa is not just a colour piece; it’s also a textured piece. Will you choose leather or fabric? How about your dining table, will it be made from wood, metal or glass? Choose colours that complement your foundations and find ways to add life with creative flair. For example, you can bring in colour with a fluffy throw rug, patterned cushions or a metallic lampshade.

Step 4: Map out every item

No item is too big or small to include on your mood board; even your appliances will make a difference to the harmony of the space. If your inspiration board calls for silver, then look for stainless steel. You can also use your mood board to eliminate options; for example, that bright brass tap you love may be too bold for the rest of your space. Mood boards make it easy to see what works before you commit to purchase.

Step 5: Step back and refine

When you complete your mood board take time to look at it. Check it in different lights, at different times of the day. Take time to refine some elements that don’t feel right by stepping back and considering all your options. It makes all the difference in the long run, and you’ll feel confident with your choices.

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