Interior designs have passed through many trends over time – from the floral wallpapers of the 1960s to the open-plan living personifying the early 2000s. Few design styles have persisted as well as contemporary design. But what makes it so timeless? We look at the elements of contemporary design that keep it from ever going out of style.

What is a contemporary design?

Contemporary means ‘of the moment’ and refers to a design style that takes simplistic foundations and adds elements which are on-trend in any season. It can draw inspiration from other design styles, such as modern or coastal, and evolve each season to incorporate the newest trends.

Defining features: simplicity, sophistication, careful use of texture and clean lines

Defining colours: neutrals, black, white

What makes it timeless?

There are three main aspects to a contemporary design that make it so effortlessly timeless—first, the use of architectural lines. Whether straight or curved, horizontal or vertical – architectural lines draw the viewer’s eye around the room and create a sense of movement. Architectural builds and renovations cleverly incorporate clean lines into a living space so that space itself embodies the contemporary design before there’s even any décor present.

Second, the use of light. In contemporary homes, natural light from windows, skylights and glass doors give the interior a great feel. These create a bright and welcoming atmosphere that ensures any home décor, in any style, will be shown in its best light.

Third, a preference for neutral base colours. The evolving nature of the contemporary design means you may wish to update your home décor often, to follow trends, by using simple colours. Whether paint colours, fixtures or appliances, contemporary design creates a base that when layered with bright features and interesting textures makes a significant impact on the space.

Contemporary, architecturally-designed homes on Gilbey Lane

The trio of homes on Gilbey Lane has been designed and built in a contemporary style. With 4-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms and a double lock-up garage, there’s plenty of space for a growing family. Located in East Victoria Park, they’re close to lifestyle features including cafes/restaurants, groceries, schools and parks. Whether you’re in love with contemporary styling or wish to add your design flair, these homes have every timeless quality that will see your family through each life stage with ease.

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