The colours you choose for your home, whether for painting the walls or accenting furniture, have a direct impact on your feelings within the room. Specific colours bring us a sense of calm, while others lift our energy levels. In this blog, we’ll share the best colour choices for each room in your home and ideas for how to add them.

Designing Gilbey Lane

The Gilbey Lane homes’ colours come in soft creams, striking greys, warm browns and classic neutrals that set a contemporary foundation for residents to add their flair. While a room painted in one colour will have the most significant impact on your mood, adding splashes of colour can also affect.


For a kitchen that sparks creativity and joy, add some yellow designs. Yellow is related to sunshine and has shown to increase energy levels and boost positivity. If a calmer atmosphere is for you, green is a natural and therapeutic colour choice.

Add it with: artworks, appliances, storage jars, food décors such as artificial lemons, tea towels and aprons on display.

Living Room

Your living room is the space where your friends and family will gather. To create a sense of warmth, energy and stability; dress it up in orange tones. For a natural, restful escape, use deep forest-like greens.

Add it with: vibrant cushions, feature furniture like your couch or chairs, rugs, artworks and throws.


Getting a great night’s sleep might just have to do with the overall colour theme in your bedroom. Soft blues and lavender are known to be calming and approachable. For a touch of romance, add soft pinks, for a sense of fun and frivolity, try deeper magentas.

Add it with: bedding and quilts, throw pillows, armchairs, drawers and artworks.


The bathroom requires the least décor, but you still want it to feel inviting. To create a luxurious bathroom escape, add some cool greys, which offer elegance and simplicity. Deep blues, with their ties to water, provide a sense of serenity and flow to your room.

Add it with: towels, countertop décor and storage, soap dispensers, pots for plants.

Our designer homes are ready for your personal touch

Gilbey Lane’s trio of modern designed homes are move-in ready. Developed by Norm Carey, Perth these residences are all 4-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms and a double lock-up garage, they’re ideal for family living that’s close to the Perth CBD. Request a brochure by contacting our team.