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5 Landscaping Ideas for a Sustainable Home Garden

Sustainability is more than a trend; it is a lifestyle movement. From local businesses to family homes – everyone is following an eco-friendly path. Here's how you can design a sustainable home garden. What makes a sustainable garden? A sustainable garden is self-sustaining one, designed for the long-term with minimal upkeep, and that uses minimal [...]

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What Comes with Display Home Finishes?

Display homes are a stunning example of the quality of work and fantastic décor that a builder and developer are capable of completing. The Gilbey Lane residences are move-in ready display homes with all the finishes included in your investment. Here’s an overview of the quality finishes you can expect from our stunning 4-bedroom homes. [...]

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Contemporary Interior Design: What Makes It Timeless?

Interior designs have passed through many trends over time – from the floral wallpapers of the 1960s to the open-plan living personifying the early 2000s. Few design styles have persisted as well as contemporary design. But what makes it so timeless? We look at the elements of contemporary design that keep it from ever going [...]

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Colour Psychology at Home: The Best Colours for Every Room

The colours you choose for your home, whether for painting the walls or accenting furniture, have a direct impact on your feelings within the room. Specific colours bring us a sense of calm, while others lift our energy levels. In this blog, we’ll share the best colour choices for each room in your home and [...]

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What You Should Know About Buying Your First Brand New Home

Here are differences between new homes and older existing homes. If you're new to the housing market and considering a brand-new home, here's what you need to know. Home design A common myth with newly built homes is that they lack character, the kind of detailing in older homes. Some may even perceive new homes [...]

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Old or New? 5 Reasons A Brand New Home is a Better Investment

There’s a certain charm to an older home that often leads potential buyers down that road. What new homes lack in history, they more than make up for in other ways. Whether you’re looking as an investor or a homeowner, there are at least 5 reasons you should choose a new home over an old. [...]

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What Would It Be Like Living in East Victoria Park?

East Victoria Park is a charming, family-friendly suburb in Perth's inner east. The location is home to three new architecturally-designed homes at Gilbey Lane.  Gilbey Lane is a new laneway purpose-built just for the new homes.  A central location only 15 minutes from the Perth CBD, it has all the sought-after lifestyle elements of modern [...]

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The Benefits of an Architect: Part 2

Bringing an architect onto your building project has many benefits to the developer and the occupant. In Part 1, we looked at five ways an architect-designed home benefits the residents; you can read it by clicking here. In Part 2, we'll be looking at the benefits of engaging architects on development projects. Architects are familiar [...]

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How to Create a Mood Board for Your Home Designs

Have you ever bought a new piece of furniture only to find it doesn't fit your home at all? What we see in our minds and what exists in our rooms are two different things. Mood boards can help you to visualise a space before you commit to filling it – and make sure all [...]

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The Benefits of an Architect: Part 1

It is the expense of professional services, like an architect, that keeps people from engaging them. But, as with most pricey endeavours, the upfront costs are outweighed by the lasting value added to your new home. In this 2-part series, we look at the benefits of engaging an architect and the long-term gain in doing [...]

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